University Management System

A Client/Server based system automating all the university transactions, including the following Key Components:

- Registration System (Using Advanced Combinatory for course filtering)
- Course Scheduling
- Help System
- HR/Payroll
- Workflow Integrity
- Advanced Reporting
- Accounting system Integration
- Banking system Integration.
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The Administration Module controls all the procedures related to the registrar, accounting department, students’ affairs and academic director. It also provides the administration the ability to get instant reports on all information related to students, faculty and academic information, as well as an integrated System Administration Module to control the overall flow of the system throughout the academic year.
The Administration Module also includes the Course Scheduler Module which enables the generation of precise and exact course offerings.
The Faculty Module includes the functionalities needed by instructors to manage their classes. Each instructor has an account that allows view, manage, and control classes. This module allows the instructors to print class rosters, manage exams and grades and manage absenteeism. The instructor can also post documents for each course as well as receive student homework online.
A new module is also integrated in the Faculty Module to enable online interaction with students through the use of forums / help desk.
Instructors can also check classes taught in previous semesters through the archive section.
The Faculty Payroll Module displays payroll information of each instructor according to the type, location and credits taught.
The Student Module includes many sections allowing online interaction with the university administration as well as the instructors. Students are able to Register Online according to their curriculum with the help of the virtual advisor embedded in the UMS.
Students are also able to print their tuition fees payment vouchers from the “My Payments” section and pay at the Bank. The advanced communication protocol between the UMS and the Bank allows control and monitoring of late payments.
Students can also view their exam grades, class handouts, absenteeism, exam dates and even submit instructors’ evaluations before the end of the semester.
If the students have any inquires or comments, the Online Help Center handles these requests allowing direct online communication between students and the university.

Click here to download Full UMS Features...